Hope is the key

by Emma Nolan
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Dublin jewellery designer, MoMuse, has brought back the Hope pendant with 100% of its proceeds go to Pieta House.

She also introduced the new limited edition leather Hope keyring.

All proceeds generated from each piece will be donated to Irish suicide and self-harm prevention charity, Pieta House, to aid in its efforts to help people feel hopeful about the future, while continuing to tackle the grave issue of suicide and self-harm in Ireland today.

In September 2015, MoMuse founder and designer, Margaret O’Rourke introduced the special limited edition gold Hope pendant in support of Pieta House.

Thanks to the overwhelming support of the public, with purchases from home soil and as far afield as Australia, the Hope pendant sold out in just four weeks, resulting in over €18,265 in funds being raised for Pieta House.

MoMuse is delighted to announce the return of the Hope pendant for a limited period of time, again with 100% proceeds going to the good work of Pieta House.

“Pieta House empowers people through generating hope and through creating acceptance – my own wish is that this keyring and pendant can in-turn inspire hope in others too. Be it a symbol, a special reminder or a sign of support, you can carry Hope with you everywhere you go,” Margaret said.

“I was so moved by the overwhelming response to our first collaboration and the positivity shared by those who supported the project. With every purchase, a real-life story came with it, which inspired me to design a new piece, to bring this message of hope to a wider audience. Hope is the key.”

Brian Higgins, CEO of Pieta House said: “Whilst these items are limited edition, hope is not. This simple message of wearing hope and letting others see its beauty, holding onto hope and indeed giving hope to others is so simple yet so powerful.

“We are so grateful to MoMuse and the people who will support this wonderful concept for helping us move closer to seeing our vision realised of ‘a world where suicide, self-harm and stigma have been replaced with hope, self-care and acceptance.”

Hand finished by Margaret O’Rourke, the Hope pendant will retail at €65.00 and the Hope keyring will retail at €25.00, with 100% of proceeds donated to Pieta House.

The Hope pendant and keyring are available now in store in MoMuse, Ground Floor, Powerscourt Town Centre and online at http://www.momuse.ie/

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