Hitting the right notes

by Gazette Reporter

ONE OF Dublin’s most exciting bands on the circuit nowadays is folk-rock ensemble Cry Monster Cry. Ahead of numerous appearances lined up on TV, at festivals as well as their own shows throughout the summer, The Gazette spoke to Jamie Martin, one half of the fraternal duo that is the core of the band.
Martin ran us through an average day in the life of a professional band member.
“I normally get up at around 10am. Then I’d probably go over to my brother Richie in Rathmines and have a meeting about upcoming gigs and whatever that week entails, whether it involves recording, radio and TV appearances or festivals.
“At lunchtime, we’ll grab some food. A favourite place we like to go to is 250 Square in Rathmines because they do really great sandwiches and coffee. After that we go back to Richie’s house and will use it as a rehearsal space if we’re a two-piece or will go to a space in Glasnevin if it’s a rehearsal for the whole band. We’d spend a good few hours rehearsing, maybe four or five.
“We start off by playing our instruments, I play the guitar and mandolin, and have a warm-up for about a half an hour. If a good song comes from that, we’ll stick with it. Then we’ll run through the full set list and see what sounds good. If we’re doing a festival, we may have to cover songs to work on too.”
The brothers have always had an interest in music. They attribute this to their early exposure to a wide range of musical genres thanks to their parents’ eclectic tastes. Summer holidays and long car journeys through the wilds of their mother’s home in Donegal were always accompanied by mixed tapes with Bob Dylan, The Everly Brothers, Van Morrison, Ray Charles and Simon and Garfunkel.
It wasn’t long before the brothers began playing music themselves; experimenting with many instruments from the piano and violin to the guitar and mandolin before setting up the band in 2012.
Cry Monster Cry last headlined in Whelan’s and the band has another gig coming up there too in a few weeks which will be in aid of the homeless. Also coming up in October, is a gig in Temple Bar’s Button Factory. The band is also due to appear on RTE’s popular music show, The Imelda May Show, in early July.
“When we’re rehearsing we won’t get a chance to eat dinner but will just grab a sandwich but if not rehearsing, we’ll cook something at Richie’s. We both like to cook and usually it will be something pasta-based or fajitas. When rehearsing, we finish late, maybe 11pm or midnight and then I’ll go straight home to bed. I’ll be too tired to do anything else except maybe read a book.”

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