Heartless thieves steal cancer patients’ wigs

by Sylvia Pownall

A CANCER charity is thousands of euro out of pocket after heartless thieves ransacked its premises – and stole wigs used by chemotherapy patients.

Volunteers at Balbriggan Cancer Support Group are still cleaning up after thugs broke into their premises and smashed up the furniture.

Charity worker Cora Nelis told The Gazette: “Imagine stooping so low to pick up so little. We feel violated and invaded. They just wrecked the place.

“We had to cancel our counselling service for a week. There are people who need that care and rely on us. It’s upsetting to think people would target us like this.”

The thieves struck at around 3am and also broke into two other units at Balbriggan Business Park. Gardai have trawled CCTV footage but so far have no leads.

A code is needed to open the gates at the entrance to the industrial park so investigating officers suspect the raiders climbed over the wall and made their escape on foot.

Local businesses have rallied behind the cancer charity, with Balbriggan Credit Union donating €5,000, SuperValu giving €1,000, while €1,000 has also been raised from a football match, €1,500 from a local gym and money pledged from a golf event.

Cora said volunteers were heartened by the support but she said they were “sickened to their stomachs” to witness the level of damage caused.

She revealed: “When they got in they pulled the place apart. All the flooring is ruined, there is broken glass everywhere [and its] walked into all the carpets, and they took two laptops.

“They took two wigs and three others left behind are ruined because they are full of slivers of glass. What they wanted with them, I don’t know.

“We don’t keep cash on the premises so we can’t understand what they were hoping to find. Maybe they were just bored and wanted something to do.

“They didn’t stop to think who was using the service. Hopefully they will never need it themselves, or anyone belonging to them.

“But upsetting as it is, this won’t stop us. We’ll keep going because we have too many people depending on us not to.”

To find out more about the charity or to offer your support visit www.balbriggancancersupportgroup.ie.

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