Eipic director Louise Ni Fhiannachta (left) with actors Fionnuala Gygax, Fionn Foley, Daire O’Muiri and Cian O’Baoill

AS THE highly-acclaimed TV show Eipic currently airs its six-part series on TG4, director Louise Ni Fhiannachta said that the production was “an incredible experience” to be a part of.
The anarchic new show, penned by Mike O’Leary, is an off-beat, low-fi comedy drama that follows the fortunes of five rural teenagers who take over their local abandoned post office in 2016 to start a musical revolution.
This week, The Gazette spoke to Ni Fhiannactha, who described what a day in her life was like while directing this unique production.
She said: “As a freelance director there is no such thing as a typical day in the life for me. Every day is different, which is a creative blessing I suppose, but it all depends whether I’m doing prep, production or post-production.
“My usual approach would be to liaise with the writers as much as I can and to forensically go through each scene from a character, narrative and tonal perspective.
“Prep work for a shoot is a bag of all-sorts, really. Long before the prep dates, I would have to make sure that the project is fully cast. I would also need to be fully confident that we have the right people.
“I’d also draw up director notes with visual references and help the other departments out a lot, too.

“When you’re in prep, you have to talk to the editor about visual style and discuss various locations to shoot. You also become aware of what you want to achieve while you’re shooting it,” she said.
“The five teenagers who were cast were just incredible. We spent three months travelling around the country looking for new talent, and we needed fresh faces with a tremendous acting ability, musical talent and who could also speak Irish.
“They are all unbelievably talented actors who I firmly believe have a fantastic future ahead of them.
“We spent two months shooting in a place called Woodford in east Galway, and the entire cast and everyone else involved created such a positive amount of energy that was just sacred,” said Ni Fhiannactha.
“We chose to film in Woodford because it had the perfect characteristics that we needed for Eipic.
“Altogether, there were nine music videos to shoot in total. The band did popular cover songs and made them their own, entirely in the Irish language.”
Asked if she did anything to do to unwind while filming, Ni Fhiannachta said: “We always had great craic while shooting, and had a big party before we finished the show.”
Eipic broadcasts on TG4 at 10pm each Thursday night.


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