Hanging out with the stars isn’t the worst way to make a Livin’

by Emma Nolan

POPULAR TV3 presenter Lucy Kenndy had her third child recently, but her latest round of motherhood hasn’t slowed her down from doing what she loves – not a bit of it – as she cheerfully sat down with The Gazette to talk about bringing up her new baby, working while pregnant, and her crush on Enda Kenny.

Lucy told Dublin Life: “People always say that the third [baby] is the easiest, and so far that’s true – she’s just great; it’s like she’s always been here.”

Now just 10 weeks old, baby Jess is thriving as she gets used to living with Lucy. Her other children, Jack and Holly, are also settling into their roles as the older siblings.

“They’re loving their new roles as big brother and sister. Jack goes and gets the nappies – Holly checks what’s in Jess’ nappies!”

After a mostly comfortable pregnancy, the birth in December was “intense”, Lucy said.

“Jess was breached, so I ended up having to have an elected section, which I wasn’t planning on, so I was in a bit of a panic to get home for Christmas.”

Luckily, everything worked out okay though, and Jess and Lucy made it home on time for Christmas.

Now the busy mum and TV3 star is an ambassador for Nurofen for Children, and she’s happy to help raise awareness and educate new mums on what to do when their baby is sick.

She said: “I really hope that they find the information from the campaign helpful and feel a little more confident when caring for their babies when they are ill – mummies united!”

Speaking of illness, The 6 O’Clock Show presenter said that the first 14 weeks of her pregnancy were “hideous”.

She said: “I had morning sickness, and working on the show, I had to be in the kitchen watching the chefts cutting things like raw tuna while thinking I was going to vomit – the amount of times I tried not to!”

But overall, the rest of the pregnancy was easier, as Lucy continued to film her popular show, Livin’ with Lucy.

“I was able to go and live with all my famous friends and travel to Lanzarote and pull Finbar Fury around on a camel, so I had a lot of energy.”

Lucy said the advice she would give to anyone considering getting pregnant is to work as much as you can during the pregnancy, because it’s a good distraction.

“If I didn’t get up and do my normal routine, I’d sit at home thinking is the baby [the size of] a grape or a kiwi, over-analysing everything,” she joked.

“But Livin’ with Lucy is my baby, so there was no way in the world I was missing out on that.”

While she was still able to enjoy filming the series, Lucy admitted she was more tired this time around.

On the most difficult part of filming, she said: “It was falling asleep – but everybody took that into consideration, and I think the celebs were quite relieved, because they would get a break when I did.

“It was weird not being able to have a glass of wine though!

“I was so lucky this season, everyone was so nice – Al Porter nearly finished me off; he’s hilarious!”

Now another season of the show is in the works, with filming due to start in May, and Lucy joked she intends to make up for lost time and “tuck into the booze!”

As far as her dream guests for the show, Lucy listed the likes of Graham Norton, Dermot O’Leary, Kim Woodburn, Marco Pierre White, Brendan O’Carroll, Daniel and Majella O’Donnell and her number-one crush … Enda Kenny.

For her final Seven O’Clock Show, Lucy’s colleagues arranged for the Taoiseach to leave her a message. “It made my life,” she said.

Lucy recalled Mr Kenny’s message, giving it her best Enda impression: “Hi Lucy, I hear you’re off to have a baby …”

“He said something like: ‘I hope your new baby is as beautiful as you’, and I nearly fell off the couch –  I nearly went into labour!”

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