Guinness world record attempt for St John’s Ambulance

by Dublin Gazette
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Hundreds of volunteer members of the St John’s Ambulance service will gather in Croke Park on February 16, as part of a Guinness World Record attempt.

Cadets – those aged 11 to 17 – and youth leaders alike will all take part in an attempt to tie over 400 arm slings in an hour.

They will gather in Croke Park for the world record attempt, where they will aim to beat the existing record of 216 completed arm slings in 60 minutes.

The current record was set in 2006, by St John’s Ambulance Wales. Local groups from across Ireland and Dublin will partake in the event, which will see cadets tying slings on the arms of ‘patients’, with hours of practice already invested in the event.

Speaking to Dublin Gazette, youth leader at St John’s Ambulance City of Dublin, Aoife, said that it’s going to be hard work, but that all involved are up for the challenge.

“Myself and three other youth leaders are part of the team, as well as 14 cadets from different divisions helping to organise the event.

“One of the lads came up with the idea and got us involved. The main aim of the event was to promote and empower the cadets because they are going to be the future of the organisation, so in fairness to Dan, he thought of the idea and got us all involved!

“We then got the cadets involved in the management team, they’ve done a lot of work in organising the event and the adults have mainly been there for supervision or the things the kids can’t deal with!

“We’re going to try and beat the record for most amount of arm slings applied in one hour, with the current record set by an ambulance in Wales.

“It’s a hard challenge to beat but I think our cadets are well up for it, so that’s what we’re going to try and do!

“It’s going to be done in a relay style, so there’ll be one ‘patient’ and then one person, or treater, applying the sling.

“It’s going to be done in pairs so there’ll be over 430 people in total making up the numbers, so we have enough patients and people to apply the slings.

“Our divisions are based in and around Dublin, but we also have branches in Drogheda and Limerick and Cork. We’ve sent out training videos to everyone, so all the different divisions have been hard at work training for the world record attempt!”

Keep up to date with all those taking part in the event and the City of Dublin division on social media, including their Instagram page at @cityofdublinstjohnambulance.

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