Guardians of Le Galaxie prepare for light speed

by Gazette Reporter

Of all the acts who ply their trade on the national circuit, no harder-working band than Le Galaxie are deserving of progression to the next level, and their constant graft and craft look set to carry them to a higher plane in the new year.
Speaking to GazetteMusic in the run up to their sure-to-be epic New Year’s Eve show at Meeting House Square and their not-to-be-missed aftershow event, Michael from the band spoke about how they had progressed as a unit and their plans for the future.
From their early outings as the band that became 66e in the mid-2000s and through to the stage at Whelan’s on Saturday nights where they crafted their art and became Le Galaxie, Michael and the rest of the band have had a strong focus on what they wanted to achieve.
“We came out of the gate in 2008, and our first show was at Conway’s on O’Connell Street. It wasn’t the most auspicious start – we managed to play only two songs – but we knew that we could absolutely do it. We didn’t have to have a singer, we could go up and play banging live music as a four piece, and we really liked it.”
A process of constant gigging and composing, combined with their drive to engage with an ever-expanding audience led to the release of the band’s first album Laserdisc Nights 2 in 2011.
Since that time, Le Galaxie have worked hard to cement their place as a beloved and must-see act on the live circuit, as well as putting down the tracks that will make up their new album, set for release in 2015.
That was a process which saw them working with acclaimed producer Eric Broucek, who had worked with Hercules And Love Affair, Holy Ghost and Little Boots, in Los Angeles last summer.
“Although the first few songs were mixed by email, we stepped back and realised we had to go over there,” said Michael. “Our manager said, absolutely, get over there and do it. So Dave and I went to this tiny studio in Culver City in LA and worked with Eric on the album, and it was a great learning experience.
“We’d never been exposed to such an amazing skillset, he was so quick, and in the first couple of days we were in sync.”
The first insight into that process has been recent releases Humanize and Carmen, songs that are possibly the best representation of their potential and live presence to date.
Having taken a step back from the live scene in the last year, Michael and the band have been strategising their return to the stage, in the knowledge they have some of their best recordings to date in their back pocket.
Before the new album and a trip to SXSW in March, there is the matter of the New Year’s Eve show at Meeting House Square, which Michael was looking forward to, having played memorable shows there as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival and the Web Summit.
“We thought it would be perfect for New Year’s Eve at midnight. It sold out in a day, and the show’s really going to be great. We love investing in the production of our shows, we get it back tenfold from the audience. We’ll have guest vocalists, which adds to the energy, and we’re pulling out all the stops. We can’t wait, it’s going to be really special.”
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