Workers at the Greyhound waste disposal plant in Clondalkin claim they have been “locked out” of work because they refused to use a new clocking-in system. Picture: Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland

STAFF at Greyhound Recycling, Clondalkin, claim they have been “locked out” of work because of their refusal to use a clocking-in system recently put in place.
On June 17, management told about 90 employees to leave the property if they would not work. Management said the new method for signing in was part of the terms and conditions negotiated as part of a Labour Court agreement.
Agency staff employed by Greyhound have been filling in for the workers.
Greyhound truck driver Raymond Reilly told The Gazette that staff members also have grievances with the company over proposed pay cuts.
He said: “He [Greyhound owner Michael Buckley] wants to cut close to 40% of our wages, which works out at about €290 per driver and €150-€170 per operator.
“They put a clocking-card system in place, and we refused to clock-in because a clocking system just doesn’t work in a job like this.
“They then refused to let us into work and ordered us off the premises.”
During day one of the action, a Greyhound worker is believed to have been accidentally struck by a truck while sitting down near the front entrance. He was taken away in a stretcher and rushed to hospital.”
A spokesperson for Greyhound management, who deny that they have locked out staff members, told The Gazette: “Greyhound Household regrets the unofficial industrial action taken by household collection crews that operate in Dublin City Council areas.
“The action taken by the crews is in defiance of a recommendation by the Labour Court. Greyhound will seek to maintain full service to our customers.”
Clondalkin Cllr Eoin O Broin (SF) said: “The actions of the management are hurting the staff, the customers and Greyhound’s reputation.
“Sinn Fein is calling on management to immediately end the lock-out and to sit down with the trade union representatives to discuss the issues involved in a fair and rational manner.”