Greetings from Skyrim

by Shane Dillon

CONTINUING the interesting trend of giving significant old games a HD lick of paint and then rereleasing them, gamers have more than enough to keep them busy with Bethesda’s recently released Skyrim (Legendary Edition, PS4/XBO, Cert 18, €60).
First released in ye olden dayes (late 2011, to be exact), Skyrim was an exemplary adventure game set in a massive land facing civil war, while a bigger threat (hint: dragons) slowly began to threaten everybody, whether men, elves, or its other sentient races.
Skyrim offered a truly massive world to explore, offering up more missions and side quests than you could shake a 16-sided dice at, with the player free to wander around at will in its well-crafted towns, cities and wild landscapes.
Whether a newcomer to Skyrim or a seasoned traveller, this is the exact same critically-acclaimed game, with its additional content bolted on, offering nothing new to gamers, storywise.
However, with plenty of visual upgrades from the get-go, this Skyrim is sure to engross console gamers.
While it can’t compete with the likes of, say, The Witcher 3, it’s still no slouch in the graphics department, with the subtle and souped-up graphical effects alike helping to create an even more atmospheric realm to explore at length.
Despite its rough edges, and gameplay aspects that could have been further refined and polished, the game is still a joy to explore. After all, it offers sackloads of content, a memorable world, cool graphics and one of gaming’s best soundtracks.
So, even if the only elves you want to see are the ones helping Santa Claus, Skyrim is definitely a highly-recommended end of year release.

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