Greetings from Los Santos

by Shane Dillon

SO THE game of the year has just been released – again. Confused? Grand Theft Auto V has finally arrived for the PC, following its spectacular success on the console front.

Already a pretty spectacular title to look at – even on the lowest consoles, like my “humble” Xbox 360 – those with a heavyweight gaming rig are in for a treat, as the PC iteration looks pretty incredible.
As ever, the graphics will vary depending on the power of your own PC’s abilities, but if it’s up to the task, and if you have a great graphics card, GTAV on PC is not only a brilliant, clever, complex (and fun) game to play, but looks absolutely terrific.
For the chosen few with ultra-powerful PCs, it even supports 4K ultra-HD resolutions, while running all kinds of subtle effects, creating a title that’s on top of its game – literally.
So, this week, instead of returning to GTAV with a normal review, here are some PC-captured “postcards” from Los Santos and surrounding Blaine County.
Gamers and screenshot/digital art fans can look out for some pretty stunning PC images to come from Scottish developer Rockstar’s superlative masterpiece …

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