The Great War as a fun multiplayer

by Shane Dillon

WHILE all wars are hellish, World War One was a particularly savage conflict, and with the recent respectful reflections across Europe on The Somme’s legacy, and other such theatres of war, some might see the release of WW1-set Battlefield 1 (c. €60; PC, PS, XBO; Cert 18) about a month ago as either a case of perfect or unfortunate timing, depending on outlook.
EA Dice’s latest installment in the long-running Battlefield series delves into the brutal global conflict that claimed so many lives in the war – including almost 50,000 Irishmen.
In doing so, it has created a very compelling war game by going back to basics, stripping away much of the bloat that had crept into the series.
Shipping with an easily mopped up offline (and slightly unengaging) brief single player campaign that hops around various key WW1 hotspots, the real meat of B1 is its online multiplayer gaming.
Drawing inspiration from several real battles at a number of global locales, B1 sees players joining either side in lengthy to-and-fro multi-part battles across large, open maps, in a variety of terrain.
Alongside lots of player classes and weapon unlocks to earn and use in battle, the game’s terrific sound and great visuals provide more than enough to keep even diehard Battlefield veterans happy.
There’s plenty more you could say about B1 – but ultimately, this is not only one of the best such war games out there, but an interesting journey into a terrible period of history.

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