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by Emma Nolan
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THE Bord Gais Energy Theatre are welcoming the ultimate tribute to one of rock-and- roll’s most remarkable groups this January 31 with a one-night performance from Rumours of Fleetwood Mac.
Fleetwood Mac fans can immerse themselves in a night of classic hits, meticulously performed in the style of the iconic band, and spanning the length of their career.
Having performed to more than a million fans since they formed more than a decade ago, Rumours of Fleetwood Mac return to Ireland this month to launch their stunning new stage production, performing in note-for-note detail all the classic hits from one of the most outstanding and enduring catalogues in the history of rock music.
Recognised internationally as the world’s leading Fleetwood Mac tribute show, Rumours secured the priceless golden seal of approval from founding member Mick Fleetwood, who described the act as “an extraordinary emotive performance of Fleetwood Mac”.
With recent guest appearances from Fleetwood Mac’s very own legendary guitarist Rick Vito, this stunning new show takes the audience on an epic musical journey through changing eras and styles, from the exciting sound of the 1960s London Blues scene right through to the staggering commercial success of the 1970s, 1980s and beyond.
Replicating perfectly the power and subtlety of Fleetwood Mac at their brilliant best, Rumours of Fleetwood Mac perform all the classic hits live, including Black Magic Woman, Dreams, Gypsy, Say You Love Me, Sara, Oh Diane, Little Lies, Everywhere and many more.
Louise Rogan and Amanda Kostadinov are famed for their incredibly authentic performances of Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie respectively. From vocals to body language, it’s hard to tell the difference between the tribute and the real thing.
While it’s entirely possible that the band could send Fleetwood Mac fans home happy by playing Rumours from start to finish, the seasoned professionals go beyond that, delving into the back catalogue and B-sides to take the show to a heightened level of authenticity.
During the show, the stage empties to allow the musicians revert to the Peter Green era of the band in the 1960s before Nicks and McVie joined, with Blues guitar favourites like Albatross and Black Magic Woman. The bulk of the show consists of performances of best-known songs like Go Your Own Way, Dreams, The Chain, Landslide, Rhiannon and more, executed in the style of famous past Fleetwood Mac live shows.
The show features a message from Fleetwood Mac drummer, Mick Fleetwood, who tells the audience: “Let’s share our music once again. Of course we’re not here in body, but we are in musical spirit”, and gives his endorsement to his “dear friends” performing the music adored for generations.
The show starts at 7:30pm, with tickets priced €31.50 and €41.50.

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