Glenville to break new ground

by Gazette Reporter

GLENVILLE Football Club will begin life in the top tier of Intermediate football for the first time this Sunday when they host Glebe North in Palmerstown.
The game, which comes on the opening Sunday of the 2015-16 season, looks to be an intriguing affair. For this progressive Glenville side, under talented manager Wayne Kelly, will bear the honour of being the first side from Dublin 20 to reach the top level of LSL football. Glebe, meanwhile, are almost stalwarts in the league, finishing sixth and fourth in the past two seasons.
In the week leading up to the huge game, Kelly offered us his thoughts on Sunday and the upcoming season. “We’re really looking forward to it,” he said. “It’s massive for the club; obviously it’s our first year at the top of the LSL so we’re really excited. It’s also the first time a club from Palmerstown has reached this level too so it’s great for the area and we’re expecting a really good crowd at Sunday’s game.
“It’s going to be a tough game, but we’re going to have to get used to that being in this league,” added Kelly. “In the last few years, the league has always kind of split into two tiers with the likes of Bluebell, Crumlin and Tolka pulling away from the rest, and also Killester and Drumcondra last season.
“It may take us a bit of time to really find our feet but we’re confident we can be good enough to stay in the division and be there this time next season.
“You would expect Bluebell and Crumlin to be right up again this year, and probably one or two more maybe to join them and pull away,” Kelly said on his thoughts on how the league could play out this season.
“I don’t know about Tolka Rovers this season with everything that’s gone on recently,” he added, referring to the bizarre chain of events that’s happened with Paul Doyle leaving the club only to be replaced by Joey Graydon last Thursday, who then also quit the role after just a few days in charge.
Coverage of the amateur football transfer seemed to gain more attention than ever this year, but news on Glenville’s ins and outs have been rather quiet, up to now. “The squad’s looking very good,” said the Glenville boss.
“We’ve still got a couple away, but we’ve also signed a few, with players coming from John Bosco, Templeogue and Liffey Valley. They’re all good players and most importantly, they’re challenging for places on the Sunday team which is what we want. We also haven’t lost any players either which is great and we’ve brought in a striker which is vital.”

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