A gift guide for mum

by Gazette Reporter
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ALTHOUGH we really should treat and pamper our mammy every day, when Mother’s Day comes around it’s really just another excuse to spoil her rotten.

This week, The Gazette gets styling so that mother’s can look extra special on the day, while also giving the kids some helpful hints on what clothes mum might want for their special day.

When shopping for mum, it’s important to remember her style and not your own. Something you might like may not be suitable for mammy, so keep that in mind otherwise you might find yourself digging out the receipt to get it changed.

Gazette Style looks at must-have beauty products, accessories and simple yet colourful dresses that we reckon might be on the wish list for mums.

Don’t forget Mother’s Day is on March 30, and don’t forget to see our great range of gifts in this week’s Gazette!

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