Get your SALE ON this month

by Gazette Reporter
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The January blues have definitely kicked in and what’s going to bring us further into the slump is seeing those dreaded bills, so to cheer our readers up this week, we have decided to showcase all things discounted – let the sales begin.
No matter what high street you end up on or what shopping centre you will visit there will be one thing that you will want to see – and really you won’t be able to avoid it –  and that’s the bright red signs that read SALE NOW ON. When you are looking through the rails for a great bargain, maybe think about what you might need over the coming months – a dress for an occasion? A  bag for a weekend away? Or a little t-shirt to get you through casual Friday?
Whatever the reason make sure you have one, otherwise you could be left with unwanted items and that only adds to that cluttered wardrobe. Is there a friend or family member’s birthday coming up? Then now is the opportunity to find something of good quality but for half the price. The January sales are always the best as the range is so vast. So if you have a few quid to spend, take in some of the fashion sights and give your self a little pick-me up.
Main pic left, Cardigan from South was €89 NOW €33.82,  Main pic right Shirt from Fred Perry was €91 NOW €48.26 – both available at Littlewoods.

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