The Fry railway coming home

by Gazette Reporter

FINGAL County Council has recently completed the long-awaited purchase of the Fry Model Railway and the Casino building in Malahide.
According to the council, the project has cost more than half a million euro so far, and the project process and timeline will be finalised in the coming weeks.
The Fry Model Railway was displayed in Malahide Castle in 1988. However, following the redevelopment of the castle, it was planned to move the railway to Busaras in Dublin city centre.
Michael Gaffney – a Malahide farmer who died in 2012 – gave €1.5m towards a project to rehouse it in the abandoned Casino House in Malahide.
Cllr Anthony Lavin (FG) welcomed the news, saying: “This is excellent news and is a welcome Christmas present to the people of Malahide which was made possible by the generosity of the late Michael Gaffney, and the dedicated individuals he entrusted to carry out his wish with Fingal County Council.
“I look forward to this being the beginning of the final phase in the completion of this project. The completion of the Casino and the Fry Model Railway will bring together the Malahide Castle and Gardens with the Casino and Malahide village.”
Senator Darragh O’Brien (FF) has been heavily involved with the project for a number of years. He welcomed the successful purchase, saying: “There has been a very good community effort; a number of the people in the community have been working on this.
“My job really was to push the minister [for Transport, Tourism and Sport] to make sure that he didn’t give the Fry Model to Bus Eireann which, at one stage, they wanted to do and locate it in the middle of town [Dublin city centre], which would have been a disaster.
“I’m hoping that we will see the work commence quite shortly in relation to the renovation of the Casino house.
“There’s quite a lot of work to do, and the first priority is to restore it to its former glory. There will be an extension built at the back of it which will [house] the Fry Model Railway.”

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