Formally Yours

by Gazette Reporter

WEDDING season is on the way and now is definitely the time to be looking for the relevant attire for guests and their plus-one. This week, River Island is showing just how easy it can be to go shopping for his and hers occasion wear, and we must say we are very happy with one such match.

Fresh colours such as coral brings out the best in summer dresses, while sparkling handbags shine brightly on any arm. Tailored suits are a must for the male guest at any wedding, and they could be used again for a day at the races, making sure you get value for your buck.
Sharp waistcoats allow men to look dapper in their attire when it starts to get a little hot under the collar, meaning the suit jacket is more than likely coming off. So, whether it’s a wedding, a day at the races or a special day out – his and hers at River Island is definitely worth a look.

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