Forecasting a busy future

by Ian Begley

HAVING a thriving career as a weather presenter for RTE, a radio presenter for 98FM and a fitness instructor for pregnant and post-pregnant women, it is no guess that Louise Heraghty’s day-to-day life is full of variety.

This week The Gazette caught up with Heraghty to see what a day in her life entails.
“Depending on my day ahead, it would really vary on the time I’d wake up at, but it would never be after 8am.
“I love having breakfast, but very often I would be in such a rush to get out the door that all I’d have time to grab is a smoothie.
“A cup of coffee in the mornings is always a must.
“But I wouldn’t have it before I do the weather or before I teach a fitness class because I like to sit down and just enjoy it.
“With the lovely weather we’ve being having lately I’d usually go for a walk around lunch time because it’s really nice to get out of the studio.
“I also teach a running class sometimes in the evenings with a few core girls that I’ve been training for the past year.
“We would go to the Phoenix Park and do 5km, which is really fun and rewarding.
“Since I first met them over a year ago they’ve become really good friends and we always have the craic.”
Hegarty said she usually gets back to her home in Clontarf at about 6pm or 7pm to relax and unwind after her busy day.
“I love to cook when I get home and since I’m really into fitness I try my best to prepare healthy food.
“On the weekends I really love eating out, but then there are times when I just like to pig out.
“I’m also a big Netflix junkie and I watch everything including, House of Cards, Breaking Bad and Orange is the New Black.
“I’m also a huge movie fan but these days I don’t usually go out to the cinema because I’m so busy.
“I’m usually so exhausted at the end of the day that I would fall asleep before 11pm.
“I don’t even get a lie in on a Sunday morning because I have to be on 98FM from 9am to12 noon.”
Louise Heraghty is part of the VHI Support Team, providing fitness support and advice to women training for the 2015 VHI Women’s Mini Marathon on June 1.
You can follow Louise’s weekly training plans for walkers, beginners and improvers on the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon 2015 app, which is available free from the App Store and Playstore.
Entries for the 2015 VHI Women’s Mini Marathon will close very soon.
It is possible to register to enter online at www.vhiwomensminimarathon.

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