Cllr Lettie McCarthy (Lab) advised Sandyford Park residents to get together and arrange to meet DLRCC on site to see where the sewage problem lies

Flooding is causing raw sewage to flow into gardens in a Dundrum estate, according a disgruntled resident.
Patsy Byrne of Sandyford Park told the Gazette this week that flooding has been a constant feature in her estate for the last 10 years and this year was no different.
“They put up a sand barrier wall 10 years ago and ever since that there have been problems with flooding as the water has nowhere to go.  In heavy rain, houses get flooded but this March it only affected the laneway between our garden and the barrier wall.  If it had continued though, it would have reached the houses.
“It’s not just rain either.  It’s also sewage. The council diverted pipes into a field last year and since then people have had sewage floating in their garden when the rain is heavy.
“It’s a disgrace.  When we try to contact the council we can’t get an appointment to find out what they plan to do about this.”
Cllr Lettie McCarthy (Lab) said: “I advised Sandyford Park residents to get together and arrange to meet DLRCC on site to see where the sewage problem lies.  I will be asking the council to investigate two areas of flooding that were reported to me – Jamestown Cottages, Kilternan and Sandyford Park.”
In response to this the council said: “Works  were undertaken in Sandyford Park a number of years ago in order to reduce the risk of the sewer becoming surcharged.
“The Water Services Department were not aware of any properties getting flooded in this development, however they will investigate the sewer network in the area to see if any further improvements can be made.
Meanwhile, some of the extensive flooding which recently occurred on the M11 and affected properties in the region could have been prevented had resources allowed, according to a spokesperson for Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council. As yet no assessment has been done in relation to the cost of any resultant clean up or repair work needed.
In relation to the wider issue of flooding, they said: “There was major flooding on the M11.  There was also ponding on the roads and there was flooding on our roads in the mountainous area.
“In some cases it [flooding] could have [been prevented], but it will need extensive plans, etc and resources.
“However, it should be noted that where the council has done some work, there was no flooding, such as Commons Road, Maretimo Stream and Stradbrook Cottages.”
The council also said they would have to examine availability of resources, access to problematic areas and the need to prioritise the required works when developing their works programme.