Having a field day preparing for next role

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IN BETWEEN preparing for his upcoming wedding and doing rehearsals for the 50th anniversary production of John B Keane’s The Field, former Love/Hate actor Ian Lloyd Anderson took us through a day in his hectic life.

The Baldoyle native said: “I get up in the morning at around 7.45am and the first thing I do is jump in the shower.
“Then I have breakfast: a bit of scramble egg and a smoothie. Then I get my bus into town and hop on my Dublin bike and head up to Synge Street where we’re rehearsing.
“The bikes are fierce handy, I use them every day. I arrive into rehearsals and then it’s straight to work from 10am to 6pm every day.”
Ian is quite flexible when it comes to lunch. “Generally, I would take lunch on my own somewhere or have lunch in and be sitting around with the lads with a sandwich.”
When he gets off work at 6pm, he does the same journey in reverse, first hopping on his Dublin bike and then getting the bus home.
“I usually get in the door around 7pm and then it’s time to just throw on the dinner.
“I do most of the cooking at home as my fiancee doesn’t do a huge amount of it. I do a nice beef stroganoff, so I might do something like that.
“I don’t watch a huge amount of TV but if I do, I generally watch sport if there’s a football match on or something. Then I do an hour’s work on a script or whatever I’m working on at the time.
“I might have to prepare something for the morning. To be honest, I’m very unexciting and when I’m working I’m usually in bed by 10pm.
“I might read a book first or throw on a documentary to fall asleep. Doing this [interview] really makes you look at yourself and realise how boring you are.”
When he is not working in the theatre or for TV, however, Ian is a lot freer to go out at night, whether for a pint, to meet up with pals or to play a bit of football. Nowadays, though, his time is precious, with so much going on.
“At the moment I’m very busy because I’m getting married in [on April 4] so a fair amount of my time is taken up with that.
“I’m getting married in Wicklow in the church in Baltinglass and then on to Rathsallagh House for the reception.”
Ian appears as Tadhg in the 50th anniversary production of The Field, by John B Keane, from April 28 until May 16 which also stars Michael Harding as The Bull McCabe and Mark O’Regan as The Bird. Tickets start at €22.50 and are available by calling 0818 719 388.

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