Family wins over fashion in his time off

by Shane Dillon
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Peter O’Riordan has his hands full at the moment as the only male face on TV3’s weekday entertainment show, Xpose, and with a new baby boy recently added to the mix, he appreciates
his downtime now more than ever.
O’Riordan took time out this week to tell The Gazette how he unwinds during his days off.

“My family and my house are my sanctuary, to be honest. Myself and my wife, Stephanie, recently moved into a new house so we have the rarity of having a back garden now.
“We also have a playground literally out the back of the house on the banks of the Dodder, too,
so that’s brilliant for our little boy, Olivier.”
O’Riordan said that in his previous job as assignment editor at TMZ in LA, he would enjoy spending his weekends partying with his wife and living for the weekend.

“Now, our son is our real enjoyment, and I love going to Imaginosity and the Panda Play Cafe on the weekends with him. That’s what I look forward to – just spending time with my wife and my son no matter what the capacity is. I enjoy that quality time,” he said.
O’Riordan does like to treat himself and his wife to the odd child free night, however, and he said that they are big foodies and enjoy trying out new restaurants around Dublin city centre.
“My wife doesn’t eat meat at all; she’s almost vegan, apart from the fact that she eats cheese. She
can’t give up the cheese!
“It’s fun for us to find new really cool restaurants that have vegetarian options for her. We’ve found some really great places in town, so we love to go out and have a glass of wine and good food.”
Top of O’Riordan’s recommendations for restaurants in the city centre are Dylan McGrath’s
Fade Street Social and the newly opened Suesey Street in Fitzwilliam Place, run by head chef
Lumir Tousek, formerly of L’Ecrivain.
“We love Fade Street Social, there’s just a great mixture of food there and it’s delicious. Everyone
should check out Suesey Street too, it’s got that real Manhattan low-key, cool vibe feel to it and they have gorgeous vegetarian food and amazing cocktails.”
O’Riordan said that the days of staying out partying until 3am are over for himself and his wife now, and they always ensure they are home around midnight so that they get some sleep.
“Now that we have our son, we practically turn into pumpkins if we stay out later than midnight. Our priorities have changed now that we’re parents, but it’s great. It’s lovely to have that time to spend with my family and relax.”
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