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by Shane Dillon
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GONE are the days when wearing eyeliner made you look like you were about to take centre-stage as a cast member in Cabaret. Now eyeliner can be as subtle or exaggerated as you feel fit and with so many different products available – be it a gel, liquid or pencil – there is one that will suit individual tastes and individual methods.

This week, Gazette Beauty takes a look at some eyeliners that are ticking all the boxes for eyeliner users. Lancome’s iconic eyeliner, Artliner, is celebrating its 20-year anniversary. This is a firm favourite for many eyeliner users, as it’s easy to apply for winged-shape flicks.

In celebration of its anniversary, Lancome has introduced Artliner 24H. This liquid eyeliner offers a long wear and new intense colours give a bold effect.

It comes in six new bright, metallic and pop shades, including Black Diamond, Jade, Sapphire, Chrome, Turquoise and Silver. The RRP price for this product is €28 and it will be available nationwide from November.

Elizabeth Arden’s eye pencil is the perfect eyeliner to keep in your make-up bag. The one thing many of us seem to forget is to keep a pencil sharpener close by for when the eyeliner pencil decides to run out. But what is great about Elizabeth Arden’s Color Intrigue eyeliner is that it’s retractable, meaning that it’s constantly sharpened.

This product glides on evenly for a dramatic evening look and is available in lustrous colours, with a RRP of €20. Meanwhile, for all you gel lovers out there, Inglot’s best-selling eyeliner is available at a very reasonable price of €15.

Gel eyeliner is best used with an angled make-up brush. To make it long-lasting, make sure that the lid is always tightly closed, as it can sometimes dry out. As for the brush, make sure it is cleaned often; otherwise, you will be left with a hardened brush.

For those of you thinking of becoming eyeliner addicts, the best advice is to practise, practise and practise, until you get the line and flick you desire.

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