Every TV day is so different

by Gazette Reporter

SHE spends most of her day in front of a camera presenting for RTE’s young audience on Elev8, but recently Diana Bunici helped to launch the Flavours of Fingal festival, showing just how in-demand this young presenter is.

This week, The Gazette caught up with the Moldova-born starlet to find out just how a day in her life goes.
Like many people, she needs a little help getting up in the mornings, and so she has four alarms going off at various intervals between 7am and 7.30am.
Once up she makes sure to get something to eat to help set her up for the day.
“I rarely set foot outside the door without chomping down on something. I like to keep my food light and fresh at the start of the day, with natural yoghurt, two Weetabix, and berries of some sort.
“I’ll have a mug of peppermint tea too, although that usually gets sipped while I’m doing my makeup and trying to catch up with what’s going on in the world that day with the online papers, radio news and some telly, too.
“Some mornings, I save my news swotting for my commute and listen to some music to get me pumped up for the day ahead, instead,” she said.
Living just 10 minutes away from RTE means she gets to work quite easily, but if on location it’s her trusty dad that gives her a lift or gets a taxi to wherever she needs to go that day.
“Every day in the world of TV is different, and that’s what I find so appealing about my job. Generally, I get into the office for 10am, pop on my computer, and catch up with emails that have come through overnight.
“Next up, I have a quick scan of what’s coming up on the live show that afternoon before popping along to our daily production meeting, where we go through the running order with the entire studio team.
“After that, I’ll either be scripting, researching our guests, out somewhere shooting an interview or fun piece, planning guests and brainstorming for future shows. Studio time is between 2pm and 4:20pm.
“Then I’m back at the office desk with my head in the next day’s show.
“Working on a children’s show means there’s room for variety and pretty much anything is a go with some proper thought and planning put in place.
“It’s a real luxury to have so much input into Elev8. I love every bit of it, from working behind the scenes to front-of-camera stuff,” said Diana.
Elev8 is on weekdays at 4pm on TRTE and RTE Two. Flavours of Fingal takes place at Newbridge House and Farm, Donabate, from June 28-29. For further information, see www.flavoursoffingal.ie.

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