Estate vexed by lack of buses

by Gazette Reporter
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RESIDENTS of Knocksedan have expressed their frustration at the fact that they have been waiting 11 years for a bus service in the area.
The estate, which was built around 2004, lies in an out of the way area at the back of Swords and is not within convenient walking distance of local shops and services.
A local councillor has said he will continue to fight for a bus service for Knocksedan, following confirmation from Dublin Bus that it has no plans to extend services to the area, but will re-evaluate this decision if the area is developed further.
Many residents moved in during 2004, and Cllr Darragh Butler (FF) said they have been trying to get Dublin Bus to include Knocksedan on their route for years but have not succeeded in convincing them, to date.
He said one of the arguments against extending services to Knocksedan put forward by Dublin Bus is the lack of a turning bay in the area.
Cllr Butler said: “They could always continue on and turn at the roundabout at the Naul side of the airport. Even if every fourth bus was to do this, and make Knocksedan its first and last stop, it would make a difference. We will keep up the fight to get a proper bus service for Knocksedan.”
Speaking to The Gazette, a resident who moved into the estate in 2004 said: “Our estate is a little off the beaten track, but we were assured there would be a bus to service the estate.
“Over the years we have lobbied politicians, some of whom have contacted Dublin Bus, and the reply is always the same: ‘Dublin Bus has reviewed this issue on a number of occasions and has not been able to offer a satisfactory solution due to a number of factors, including passenger demand, resources [buses] and infrastructure deficit [turning point for buses, layover area and bus stops/footpaths etc]’,” said the resident.

Such frustrations have been further exacerbated by the fact that the Department of Transport recently announced a €35m investment in public transport, which sees Dublin bus getting 90 new state-of-the-art buses.
The resident said: “Unfortunately for the residents of Knocksedan, we don’t seem to feature in their plans at all. I think at this stage we have set some sort of world record – we’ve been waiting 11 years for a bus. Most frustrating of all is that buses actually pass by the estate every day.”
They went on to say that demand for bus services are now higher than ever as new families have moved into their estate, following the completion of the second phase of building earlier this year, and that such bus services are “not too much to ask for in this day and age”.
In response, a spokesperson for Dublin Bus said: “Dublin Bus has no plans at present to extend services to the Knocksedan area. However, Dublin Bus will re-evaluate the matter if further development of the area takes place.”

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