Eine kleine nachtmusik

by Staff Reporter

DUBLIN’S Delorentos have had a rollercoaster journey in the music business, to date, but their commitment to the cause of the band has led to some of the best indie rock to come out of the capital in the past few years.

Their recently released fourth album, Night Becomes Light, is another collection of songs that easily stands shoulder to shoulder with their award-winning Little Sparks, in terms of quality and class.

However, at the moment, the band are going around Ireland on their largest tour to date, which will end with a celebratory date at Vicar Street in December, and GazetteMusic spoke to Kieran McGuinness from the band about the process of preparing for the live shows with their new songs.

He said: “It’s an exciting process and we’re working through it at the moment. We’ve delivered the best album we could, not worrying about how they are going to sound live. Now, we need to work out how to play the songs!

“It’s complicated, and different, and that’s the focus. We normally would have played the songs a lot and have them worked out before we recorded them, but this time, it is the other way around.”

We caught up just as the album was due to be released, and Kieran spoke about the passion that has gone into the creation of Night Becomes Light.

“I’m hoping people will like it. It had to be good and we had to be proud of it. The reality is, if you’re in a band, if you’re asking people to go to shows and buy your record, they have to be good.

“There’s a lot of ‘noise’ – there are hundreds of records released every month, every week. If you want to do something that people connect with and hold on to, it has to be the best you could possibly do, and you have to put everything into it.”

As far as the upcoming tour is concerned, the band are putting their all into making these dates a representation of all of the heart that went into the album, as well as what works best for the performance environment, given that these songs were born in the studio.

“We’ve played the songs each 50 times, and every time we’ve tried to do something a little different. There are no four-part songs on the album. The songs are going to take different shapes as we play them, but we’ll work that out and get them right over the course of the gigs.

“But it’s an exciting process, and some of the best times are the ones interacting with people.”

Delorentos play Vicar Street on December 12, and you can buy tickets from ticketmaster.ie.

For further information on the band, see www.delorentos.net.

For the complete interview, log on and listen to The AAP Podcast at theaapnetwork.libsyn.com, or itun.es/i6gq7Jx, and download the Delorentos show.

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