€3m to upgrade Swords Castle

by Gazette Reporter

FINGAL County Council is currently commissioning an architectural master plan for Swords Castle as part of the redevelopment of the castle.
This is the first phase of the project, which will see €3m invested over three years. This master plan will give a clear idea of the timeline and overall spend of the entire project.
This plan will also cover environmental improvements to the public spaces in the area to reinforce its identity within the town of Swords; works to Swords Castle as identified in the recently completed conservation plan; the development of more cultural events within and around the castle; the development of a space for artists and cultural tourism; looking at the potential to relocate Swords public library, and the potential to develop a civic theatre.
Commenting on the plans for Swords Castle, Paul Reid, the chief executive of Fingal County Council, said the council “will invest €3m over three years to begin the process of transforming the area around Swords Castle, and this investment will continue in the coming years”.
He added: “Overall, the council wants to provide a civic and cultural place around Swords Castle for visitors, local residents, the business community and other stakeholders that recognises the historical and civic importance of Swords as our county town.
“The Swords Castle master plan will respect the long-term strategic objectives for the town as a whole, but will also allow us to deliver a new social and cultural destination around Swords Castle with links back into the retail heart of the town.”
Cllr Duncan Smith (Lab) said he is very excited about the project. He said: “I welcome the commissioner’s architectural plan. We received a very exciting presentation at the [most recent] area committee meeting regarding plans for the Swords Castle cultural quarter, and I’m very excited by the funding that’s been allocated to the project at this stage and the plans for the future.”
Cllr Darragh Butler (FF) said he is delighted that real progress is being made and is optimistic that great improvements will be seen over the coming years.
He said: “For a start, Swords Castle will be opened again to the public later this year. On top of this, the council has great plans to revitalise this end of the town and make more use of the Swords town park behind the castle.
“The council also mentioned options with regard to making the Main Street one-way, and a possible additional civic space at the car park beside the council building.”

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