Dublin stations in top 3 for crime

by Aisling Kennedy

It has emerged that Pearse Street and Store Street Garda stations are in the top three districts in Ireland for recorded crime figures.
The recent crime statistics, which were based on figures provided by An Garda Siochana to the Central Statistics Office for the first six months of 2015, showed that Pearse Street in Dublin recorded 703 offences per 100,000 and Store Street in Dublin recorded 448 offences per 100,000 of the population in the area.
The crime figures included attempts to murder, assault causing harm, poisoning, assault or obstruction of Gardai.
It was also reported that the rate of controlled drug offences in Dublin was six times that of Roscommon.
More recently, a woman was involved in a serious assault at Bedford Lane, Temple Bar when she was assaulted by a man and knocked to the ground at around 3.40am on Saturday, December 5.
There were a number of witnesses to the assault and a number of people have been interviewed in connection with the investigation.
The injured woman left the scene prior to the arrival of Gardai and the Gardai are now seeking the public’s assistance as to the identity of the woman and her assailant.
Cllr Paul McAuliffe (FF) is this week calling on the government to provide more Gardai on the street to combat the increase in violent crimes.
Cllr Paul McAuliffe spoke to the Gazette and said: “The crime problem in Dublin is soaring out of control. The latest crime statistics only reveal a part of the problem. There are more and more reports of crime hot spots and incidents of crimes going unreported.
“On the door steps, I am hearing more and more stories from people who are now afraid to go into the city centre. There is an urgent need to address the growing crime problem in Dublin and ensure that all citizens can live in safety and without fear.”

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