Dressing right when getting fit

by Gazette Reporter
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Life Style Sports recently launched its first Men’s Fitness and Running Campaign – No Excuses. No Regrets.
This campaign is dedicated to men’s running and fitness and is supported by the store’s top brands Nike, Adidas, Asics and Under Armour.
Basically the message to everyone that as we all decide to get fit, following some overindulgence over Christmas, the one thing we need to make sure is that we train in the right clothing.
With this in mind, the retail giant is also launching Fitness Product Experts in store.  Their job is to advise customers on the right footwear and clothing to wear for each sport.
Mark Stafford, chief executive, Life Style Sports said: “More and more Irish people are looking to fitness and outdoor training to give them a release from the pressures of modern life. We know that participation levels are at a record high as people take to the streets, beaches, roads and bootcamps everywhere, determined to get active and be social. At Life Style Sports we are confident we have the best running and fitness range on the high street.” All items featured are available at Life Style Sports.

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