Dive in to a sea of real wonder

by Shane Dillon

LAST week we took to the sea of stars above to go exploring, but this week is a wet one – and so it’s the actual sea, and the world below the waves, that’s firmly in our sights. Let’s dive straight in to the review…
Abzu (PC, PS4, c. €15, Cert 7+,) is a somewhat slight game – with a budget price to match – that gamers will easily drift through in just two or three hours, and yet is easy to recommend.
Whether you grew up with a goldfish or your experience with sea life amounts to eating fish fingers, there’s something charming about the life aquatic presented in Abzu that will bring out your inner Cousteau.
With a hazily defined story you may or may not glean as you travel, you take The Diver through a series of environments to the game’s finale, occasionally completing very mild tasks, and restoring life to some dead zones as you swim along.
Abzu’s generally vibrant world has been stylishly designed and presented, with cel-shaded artwork comprising most of the game’s assets.
However, the attention to detail that’s gone into capturing the movements, and essence, of all the creatures in the game is marvellous – and the sight of huge numbers of fish and other sea creatures all floating about remains impressive and relaxing throughout.
Throw in a subtle, occasionally powerful score by award-winning composer Austin Wintory, and Abzu’s journey, not the destination, is well worth undertaking.

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