A demand for Denim

by Gazette Reporter
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DENIM, denim everywhere – yes, that is what we are seeing this season on the high street with dresses, tunics and flares all making a bold statement.

It would be hard to find a wardrobe that hasn’t got or seen a piece of denim in its lifetime; some good, some bad and some ugly – think of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s fashion faux pas, matching all-denim (and not in a good way)!
With that in mind, we now know what not to do when it comes to all-denim ensembles. Thankfully, fashion has moved on and denim is ever more stylish with dresses, dungarees, shirts, shorts and coats allowing us to break away from the usual jeans and a t-shirt.
This week, Gazette Style takes a look at some of the denim fashion tickling our fancy this spring.

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