Deady does it the hard way

by Gazette Reporter
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BRIAN Deady is looking to top off a fantastic year by helping Dubliners ring in the new one on December the 31st.
The up-and-coming soul man, who was recently snapped up by Decca Records, has been making the music industry sit up and take notice with the re-release of his second album, Non-Fiction, last month.
And in three weeks he’ll rub shoulders with Walking On Cars, The Blizzards and Little Hours for a massive live show from the iconic setting of St Stephen’s Green for this year’s 3Countdown Concert.
The talented song-writer took time out to describe the whirlwind last few months to The Gazette, during which he revealed the inspiration for his unique brand of R&B, one of whom is esteemed US record producer Nile Rodgers.
Rodgers, co-founder of disco legends Chic, has collaborated with everyone from Lady GaGa, David Bowie, Madonna and Pharrell Williams, so for a lad from West Cork to work with such an influential giant of the industry was a dream.
Brian told The Gazette: “Meeting Nile Rogers was great, it was that extra push when you needed it. He is just sound, he has gone past trying to be cool… he’s genuine, he has no agenda to impress.
“The last few months have been so busy and getting caught up with so many different things and so many choices; which manager to choose, which label.
“So, I have gone through that phase and every now and again, I have to say… ‘Hang on, this is really good…enjoy this’.”
On his dream collaborations, he said: “I’ve only recently been introduced to co-writing. I’ve always wanted to work with someone like Pharrell – I think we have similar influences. It’s cool to see how other people work. I was invited to a songwriter retreat where you’re randomly put in a room with two or three other people with a guitar and you write a song.
“The talent there was incredible. Nik Kershaw was there, some of the lads from Deacon Blue, some of the lads from Squeeze, Dave Stewart was there too.”
Non-Fiction has been described as  both soulful and substantial, but Brian summed up the album with a very different adjective – sparse.
“It is a revealing album. To get the material, I had to work through my own personal stuff and then the songs became boats, guiding me through it. So it was an interesting period but not an easy one.”
He added: “The tone, in a word, I’d say bare. I wanted it to be a lyrical album and that was the overall plan from the start, to be a lyrical album… to be sparse, without it being too sparse.”
Some words of advice for aspiring singer-songwriters?
“Just stick with it,” he says. “It’s about weathering the storms – it sounds a little cliché but sometimes you have to suffer a bit to be fuelled by that drive of wanting to do it.”

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