Culture 2025: National Cultural Policy Framework announced

by Gary Ibbotson

Ireland’s first ever cultural policy framework, Culture 2025 – A National Cultural Policy Framework to 2025 has been announced.

Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Josepha Madigan (FG) revealed the framework last week.

Culture 2025 aims to set out the direction for Government policy across the cultural sector, “including the arts, the Irish language and the creative, heritage and audiovisual sectors,” a statement said.

Minister Madigan said: “our culture in all its distinctiveness and variety is what identifies us as a people. 

“It captures our past, shapes our present and imagines our future. 

“One hundred years on from the cultural revival which accompanied and inspired the revolutionary movement that led to independence, it is timely to set out a vision for our cultural future.

“Culture 2025 sets out an overarching vision and framework for the future and outlines our plans for action. 

“It is underpinned by a firm Government commitment to continue to significantly increase funding for culture, doubling it to €576m by 2025.

“This builds on the progress made to date which has seen funding for culture increase by 24% since 2017,” she said.

According to the Department of Culture, the key actions of Culture 2025 include increasing access to and participation in the arts, working collaboratively “to enable the creative potential of every child and young person”, investing in Gaeltacht areas and the Irish language, supporting traditional Irish culture and “protecting and promoting Ireland’s natural habitats and biodiversity”.

Mnister Madigan said that “much has been achieved in the cultural sector over the last number of years but clearly there is still a long way to go. 

“Culture 2025 sets out a broad road map of where we need to get to and of what needs to be done to get there.”

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