Cricket wash-out boosts business

by Gazette Reporter

WHILE cricket fans may have been disappointed by the poor weather at last Friday’s international match between Ireland and England, Malahide restauranteurs and publicans had a great day.

Rain stopped play in the 18th over, but thousands of fans decided not to let it ruin the fun and stayed on in Malahide for the day.
While there was disappointment about the match, punters stayed longer in restaurants and pubs than they had previously intended to as they had the entire afternoon to kill.
Tony Lambert, of Fingal Dublin Chamber of Commerce, said he spoke with a number of Malahide restaurateurs and publicans who told him that their premises was packed all day.
He said: “Obviously, restaurants did well, because people had made reservations and the pubs were packed out because people didn’t have the match to stay at, so they came down into the town and spent the afternoon there.”
He added that shopkeepers in the village told him that while they weren’t inundated with customers, their business was up when compared with a normal Friday.
“One restaurateur told me that the weather actually turned to their advantage because the people stayed longer, rather than coming in for lunch and rushing back to the game,” said Lambert.
Cllr Brian McDonagh (Lab) said that pubs and restaurants in particular did well on the day.
“They were busy from very early on, and having taken the afternoon off, a lot of people took the opportunity to socialise locally,” he said.
He went on to say that while there were large numbers in the village, the numbers attending the match itself would have been greater had the weather been better, as some people who knew that it would rain decided not to come.
However Cllr McDonagh said that had the match gone on, it was likely that fewer people would have visited the village.

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