Corduff remember Ricky

by Stephen Findlater

CORDUFF football club are set to honour the life of Ricky Osagie, a 13-year-old footballer from the club who was killed in a drowning accident in Blanchardstown in June.

The club will host the inaugural Ricky Osagie memorial competition in Corduff Park and Damastown from August 8-17 with 80 youth teams set to take part.
The tournament will cover each age group from Under-9s up to Under-18s and is set to be the largest off season football tournament in Ireland.
The Dublin 15 club are well versed in running large tournaments with the Lynchy Cup, in memory of club member David Lynch, a staple for many clubs and their preseason preparations.
Previously, that tournament encompassed an adult and youth element but now focuses solely on the adult side while the Ricky Osagie tournament will be the competition for the youth side of things on an expanded basis.
Explaining the new competition, the club’s John McGuinness said: “We’ve divided the two tournaments and expanded the kids’ tournament to make it much bigger.
“It is for Under-9s all the way up to Under-18s with eight teams in each one; 80 teams in total is a big, big competition.
“It’s the same principle [as the Lynchy Cup] in two ways. One – to make sure he is not forgotten on an annual basis. Two – its makes sure all of the kids benefit from the tournament as a legacy.
“We are a 100% voluntary club and probably charge less than most in the whole of Dublin. To maintain that and to keep kids off the street, these tournaments really help. There’s a benefit for the whole club and the area.”
He says that take-up of places in the competition has been swift while a second element to help support the competition has been well received too.
“It was only announced in the last couple of days and three of the age groups are fully booked and the others all have teams. The response has been very good while a number of donors have come forward in our €100 campaign and I would expect that to start snowballing.”
To that end, Corduff are asking local businesses, self-employed and all interested people to take part in our €100 campaign toward the running of this competition and ultimately to Ricky’s memory being maintained whilst assisting over 300 kids in the football club in the process.
All support will be broadcast on the club’s social media outlets. If you feel you can be of assistance, please deal only with the club’s treasurer, Sean Ryan on 0861635892 or email

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