Combining classic cabriolet with the best of a hatchback

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IT MAY not feel like it, but it will soon be summer, or at least we hope so.

In anticipation of some clear blue skies, Irish motorists can rest assured that Citroen is continuing the DS line story with the launch of a new chapter, the DS3 Cabrio.

Irish motorists will be able to enjoy the slightest ray of sunlight thanks to the newcomer’s intelligent architecture that makes convertible life considerably easier. The DS3 Cabrio is all about pleasure. Non-stop.

The DS3, launched just three years ago, has proved an undeniable success, totalling nearly 180,000 registrations. Boasting enhanced personalisation possibilities with a range of roof collections, the DS3 has led the way in boosting DS line awareness and success.

The DS3 Cabrio is above all a real DS3. It features all the strong points behind the success of its sister model, namely bold styling choices, refinement down to the last detail, and instant driving thrills.

Citroen has chosen a modern technical solution for the DS3 Cabrio to underscore the DS3’s unique character and retain all of the original model’s road feel. Contributing to the personalisation effort, three soft-top roofs are available: black, Infinite blue and DS Monogramme. The DS3 Cabrio is also heir to all the sophistication of the DS line, with an innovative 3D rear light signature and a highly original tailgate opening motion.

The DS3 Cabrio blazes a trail in the cabriolet segment with a new wave of modernity: electrically manoeuvrable roof up to 120 km/h; the only real 5-seater in the category; the largest boot in the category; available from just 99 g/km of CO2.

The DS3 Cabrio inherits the strong personality of the hatchback. At 3.95m long, 1.71m wide and 1.46m high, it retains the original’s compact proportions, denoting agility and energy. All the customary bold styling choices are present, from the “floating” two-tone roof and shark fin that reinvigorates the car’s waist line, to the side recesses that underline the LED daytime running lights and sculpt the car’s “face”.

The architecture of the DS3 Cabrio is fully in DS3 character. The canvas roof becomes a new source of personalisation with a range of original colours and designs that add to the car’s unique personality. The new model also features all-new 3D LED lights at the rear and a chrome-finished handle that elegantly highlights the top of the tailgate.

While most convertibles weigh in at some 100kg more than the regular model, the DS3 Cabrio is just 25 kg heavier than the DS3 hatchback. The optimised architecture of the cabriolet model retains all of the agility and responsiveness of the original. Citroen engineers have managed to give the DS3 Cabrio the rigidity of the hatchback, notably by using the same architecture for the sides and adding structural reinforcements around the boot.

Equipped with the same technical base as the regular DS3 – ie structural components and running gear – the Cabrio keeps all of the eager handling that makes the DS3 such a treat to drive while at the same time offering top-notch control and safety.

The Irish range offers a choice of three engines and three equipment grades, with a full range of options.

From safety to comfort to communication and entertainment, the Citroen DS3 Cabrio DSIGN has every angle covered. High specification features include cruise control with speed limiter, 3D LED rear lights, rear parking sensors and sports suspension as standard. The new highly-efficient petrol VTi engine is available on DSIGN level with CO2 of 112g and combined fuel economy of 4.9 l/100km.

The step up to level two DSTYLE adds interior mood lighting, signature daytime-running LEDs, air conditioning and 16″ Ashers alloy wheels. At DSTYLE level the e-HDi 90 EGS6 offers the lowest CO2 at just 99g and delivers fuel economy of 3.8l/100km.

The range topping DSPORT equipment level adds connecting box, digital air-conditioning, 17″ Black Bellone alloy wheels and a double chrome exhaust pipe. With a step up of just €1,500 the DSPORT grade comes with the sporty petrol THP 155 engine with CO2 of 137g or €280 annual road tax.

The DS3 Cabrio was designed to bring occupants pleasure with no compromises. It combines the advantages of a classic cabriolet with the strong points of a hatchback.

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