The Charlatans – Still Keeping It Real

by Gazette Reporter


Hello, The Charlatans. How’s it going? Where are you and what are you doing?

Great thanks, just finishing off tracks and mixes for the new album. It has been a very exciting and passionate past few months .

How have the recent live shows been going? Are they an opportunity to road test the new material or develop it on stage before going back into the studio?

We made a conscious decision to keep playing live to a minimum this year and basically just jam and write at our own place, in our studio in Cheshire. We did about 50 live shows there. And one of those is probably the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

Having spoken to Tom Hingley from Inspiral Carpets recently, he spoke fondly about the high points of the Manchester scene in the early 90s. What are your recollections of the time?

Thinking back then, things didn’t have to be all London-centric in Britain for the first time in a long while. It was a catalyst for groups, artists and fashion across Britain, whether good, great or  suspect.

What does it mean to you that so many people still have such love and devotion for the band as it comes up to the 25th anniversary of Indian Rope being released?

For still having people, old and new, identify or feel touched by the band is incredible to all of us. It’s been and still is the music, the lyrics and the hair styles!

My condolences for the loss of (drummer and founding member) Jon Brookes last year – I was lucky enough to meet him in Glasgow around the time of the Up To Our Hips album when you played a Radio 1 showcase there. Can you tell me more about how you are using his work and recordings on the new album?

Before the end of 2013 and becoming very ill, Jon put down some beats. He’s on the recordings along with a couple of other percussion guests who were more than willing to see the album recordings through.

Are you planning more events with The Brain Tumour Charity like the Royal Albert Hall concert last year?

We are very connected with the BTC  now, just to raise the awareness last year was the least we could do. Unfortunately, it’s one of the cancers being more identified in recent times, and treatment is still rudimental at the present time.

I saw Martin and Tony were writing in Wicklow last year – where are the best places to prep new material?

Well, Tony moved to that part of Ireland about three years ago with family connections there. Things got very productive musically when reading Joyce, looking at the mountains and staring at sheep.

Are you looking forward to playing at Leopardstown?

We are very much looking forward to playing in Dublin, it’s been too long.

Thank you!

The Charlatans play at the Bulmers Live at Leopardstown festival on August 14. You can find out more here:

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