Busy dedicated follower of fabulous fashion

by Ian Begley

Popular TV presenter, style entrepreneur and columnist Darren Kennedy often finds himself attending high-profile fashion shows, making TV appearances and occasionally hopping on a plane to London, so there’s never a dull moment throughout the day.
The alarm clock isn’t always set at the same time for Kennedy, who lives in Dublin with his partner, Aidan, and Yorkshire terrier Harry.
“I usually get up around 7.30am, but it really depends because I may have to be up as early as 4am to start filming or if I have to go to the airport.
“Every day starts with at least two mugs of coffee because I can’t function unless I have a nice dose of caffeine.
“I also try and give my self time to have something to eat before I leave the house like a few eggs and maybe some fruit.
“It sounds completely cliched, but very few days are similar to one another.
“Yesterday, I got up at 7.30am, filed a piece for a column I write, ran to the gym, and went to Dublin airport to fly to London. I had a few meetings back-to-back, then a quick dash to my place in south London.
“Afterwards, I headed to a very swanky dinner hosted by John Lewis in Berry Brothers in St James.”
After a long day, Kennedy likes to chill out and spend some quality time at home.
“When I get home, I often take my little dog Harry out for a walk and play with him for a bit.
“I also catch up with my partner and maybe get a bite to eat or just chill out and watch TV.
“I usually try and head to bed around 11pm, but the odd time I wouldn’t hit the hay until about 4am.”
Kennedy will be releasing his much-anticipated AW15 collection with Louis Copeland at the beginning of November.

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