Burglaries increase by 20% in last year

by Gazette Reporter
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Burglaries in Dublin North have increased in the last year, according to recent reports which show almost a 20% rise in incidents in Malahide alone.
The figures come following an annual report of the Fingal Joint Policing Forum (JPF) outlining crime statistics in the area for 2012.
According to the recently announced figures, there were 260 burglaries reported to the Swords Garda Station in 2012, while a total of 215 was reported in Malahide.
While the figures decreased by 3% in Swords between 2011 and 2012, the figures remained high for Malahide, increasing from 180 reported burglaries in Malahide.
The results also showed that burglaries in the Balbriggan area increased from 289 incidents in 2011, to 310 burglaries in 2012. According to comments made at the recent meeting however, it was noted that despite the figures remaining high for Malahide, the trend reduced over the last six months of the year.
With figures of theft rising in the last year, local Malahide councillor Anthony Lavin (FG) has expressed his concern for the local community and is calling on local residents to remind each other of the benefits in using the Neighbourhood Watch and Community Alert initiative.
“Following the meeting held on Friday, we have a desire to remind people how to go about getting involved once again in Neighbourhood Watch and to encourage people in the local community to get back to basics,” he said.
“There seems to be an attitude that gardai don’t have the time for it but they have said they would like to see it ongoing. It is hoped we will have another Joint Policing Committee meeting in the near future where we can look at encouraging Neighbourhood Watch.
“I’d also like to remind people that they are public meetings and we would welcome anyone from the community who would like to attend.”
Neighbourhood Watch is a crime prevention and community safety programme for residential areas which acts as a partnership between An Garda Siochana and members of the public.

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