Building a reputation alongside the college

by Gazette Reporter

SEDA College, based on Capel Street, offers English language courses to international students.

Founded in 2009, the college has grown steadily and is attended by students from all over the world. This year, the college welcomed pupils from 41 different nationalities, including Brazil, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, South Korea, Malawi, Japan, Taiwan and South Africa.
Brazilian-born co-founder Tiago Mascarenhas said having so many different nationalities attending the college makes for a very interesting classroom environment. He said that they are constantly working towards attracting students of different nationalities.
According to Mascarenhas, Seda College focuses on vocational courses for students who are learning English, such as English for business, and English for IT, among others.
He said: “We have the [standard] English course and English courses for a specific purpose, that is for preparation for Cambridge or the IELTS [International English Language Teaching System].
“We have vocational programmes that are level four and level five; mainly vocational certificates like diplomas in business and also IT.”
Mascarenhas said the nature of the service the college provides meant that the difficult economic climate in which it was founded did not affect it much. He said the biggest difficulty was beating off the competition from other international destinations like the UK, and Canada, and establishing a good reputation.
He added: “The hardest part other than the competition was the reputation. You need to develop a reputation and once you have a strong name, it starts to get easier.
“We managed step by step without over committing ourselves with big loans or personal loans. We tried to go step by step, focusing on one thing then moving to the next thing and the next.”
Seda College welcomed 200 students when it first opened. This number has grown rapidly over the years and it now has an annual enrolment of about 2,000 students. It recently entered a partnership with the National College of Ireland (NCI) which will allow students transition to undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at NCI, and can also avail of a scholarship worth €1,000.
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