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Mavala Nailcare

Gazette Beauty is all about hands this week, and the one thing that really accentuates them is nails.

A nailcare regime is a must, and Swiss nailcare specialists Mavala say they have the right product for nails, whether it’s a colour or a treatment. Have nails that just won’t grow? Then try nail product Mavaderma.

This is a nutritive protein-enriched massage oil which, when used daily on the nail, activates blood flow to the roots to help stimulate and speed up the growth of nails. Fragile tips are something we have all experienced, and loathe when we have just painted them.

To avoid this, try Mavala Scientifique – a weekly treatment that hardens nails immediately and bonds the three layers together. It helps prevent soft, flaking or split nails.

There is nothing worse than having rough and ragged cuticles, so Mavala offer a perfect partnership to stop this problem. Mavala Cuticle Remover is a weekly treatment applied directly onto the cuticles and, in seconds, dead skin is softened and easily removed.

This is a daily treatment which softens the skin around the nail, so it can be easily rolled back. Nibbling nails can be a problem for children and adults alike.

Treat this problem with Mavala Stop – a safe product with the appearance of clear enamel, but a strong, bitter taste that acts as a strong deterrent to nail biting.

To treat cuticles damaged by biting, use Mavala Cuticle Oil which, when used daily, softens the skin around the nail, enabling it to be rolled back gently.

Once nails are treated, they are ready for finishing touches. In keeping with Mavala products, nails can be painted with a great range of Mavala mini nail enamels.

When painting nails, we want beautiful results that last, as well as providing protection from yellowing, Mavala 002 is a clear base coat that forms a flexible barrier between nails and nail polish, as well as improving the adherence of polish, so every manicure lasts longer.

To top off a pretty nail shade, use Mavala Colourfix, clear top coat reinforced with acryl which dries to a hard flexible glaze, and provides nail colour with extra protective armour against chipping and peeling.

Mavala is nail care with a heritage spanning more than 50 years. It was created in 1958 by Madelaine Van Landeghem and, with the introduction of Scientifique Nail Hardener, remains a best-selling product for the company.

Mavala products are available from pharmacies nationwide. The RRP for products range from €8.04 for Mavaderma (10ml) to €14.35 for a Mavala duo – Hard Ragged Cuticles.

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