Bootiful boots

by Gazette Reporter

November is definitely not the most ideal month to be wearing pumps with no socks, and boy did Gazette Style find that out the hard way (yes puddles in our footwear!). This month should definitely be about the boot.
It’s hard not to sing Nancy Sinatra’s iconic song These Boots Are Made for Walking when you find and try on a pair of boots that you know you will love wearing during the rainy, windy, possibly snowing wintry months ahead.
Walking around city shops or shopping centres there is a boot style that will suit every leg type. The thin, the muscular, the short, the long – whatever kind of leg you have the ideal boot is somewhere to be found and trying them is a fun event in itself.
This week, Gazette Style takes a look at some of the boots that are making feet green with envy this season.

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