Big names, little heroes

by Shane Dillon
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LOTS of things have been going on in the gaming world of late and so, although I’m pressed for space this week, here’s a quick round-up of some recent, interesting developments.
The biggest gaming news since the recent E3 shows and console reviews had to be the first reasonably detailed gameplay footage released by Rockstar of Grand Theft Auto V, which provided a fair glimpse of the game’s mechanics at work.
Oh, and the footage looked terrific, too, with superb graphics (courtesy of its PlayStation 3 build) that underlined the fact that GTAV will be pretty much the only show in town for the third quarter of the year, following its September 17 release.
Moving on, and that’s exactly what Don Mattrick did, as he has jumped ship from Microsoft to Zynga.
No stranger to this page – or, indeed, a sea of internet, magazine and newspaper pages following the bungled recent launch of the upcoming Xbox One console – Microsoft’s former Xbox boss jumped overboard with, among other things, a one-time signing bonus of $5 million.
(That sharp, sudden whistling noise you can hear your Gazette making is coming from me.)
So, arrivederci, Don – for now, although I suspect we’ll meet again – as we move on to a game featured here before. For those of you sick to the back teeth of zombies – this year’s vampires, in the probably-overexposed stakes – here’s some news on the WiiU’s innovative ZombiU.
The game swiftly died a death at retail, and Ubisoft have just said it was “not even close” to being a profitable title. So, no sequel, despite its cool innovations in the zombie genre.
The reason I mention it is that the WiiU is already looking pale and unsteady on its feet, as the lifeblood it desperately needs  – fresh, juicy new games, and ports of important franchises – keep getting snatched away, leaving it looking like an increasinly undernourished console.
That’s not a very comforting thought, either for WiiU or general Nintendo fans.
Luckily, on a brighter note, Nintendo’s WiiU fans have Pikmin 3 (see left) to look forward to this Friday, July 26, as the long-awaited sequel brings more adventures with the little creatures to gorgeous-looking life.
Nintendo have big hopes for their tiny heroes, and, hopefully, that’ll be the hit it deserves to be. And that’s my pik(min) for this week …

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