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SHE may be living the high life in LA, but TV personality-turned-actress Caroline Morahan is still committed to her style representations as the face of Littlewoods Ireland.

In an exclusive preview night at the Little Museum of Dublin, Caroline showcased some of the amazing collection Littlewoods Ireland has in store for spring/summer 2013.

Talking to Gazette Style, she divulged her wish list for the season ahead, and also hinted about making some changes to her wardrobe capsule.

“I got to see the collection just before Halloween, during a fashion shoot. We had at a lot of fun on the shoot – it is probably my favourite one, to date, that I have done with Littlewoods Ireland.

“A lot of my favourite looks are featured from that shoot – for example, a floral wrap dress that is a very vibrant print which gives a great waist. I love the long sleeves on it, too.

“There is something a little demure and elegant about it. When we were shooting, it was just a preview, but today [at the preview event] I can see so much more.

“I ran to the floor-length maxi dress, lovely cotton top with printed bottom, because in the summer I just live in maxi dresses, [they are] so easy and comfortable.”

Caroline says there are a lot of key features for 2013, but the one she herself said she was surprised she loved were print “statement” trousers.

“I really didn’t think I would love them, but I really do. I am really a skirts and dresses girl, and these trousers – when I saw them on the rail, I thought: ‘Oh, what?! I am just not feeling this!’

“They are multicoloured – just too much like a bird in a blender – but when you put them on with a plain top, they are just so funky.

“They look so catwalky, but yet, so comfortable and easy to wear. That was a surprise find for me.

“I love when I find trends like that, which are totally alien to me, nothing like anything I have in my wardrobe, and it works,” says Caroline.

Being open to new trends is something she feels everyone should try. “It can be so easy to get into a fashion rut, where you are wearing the same thing all the time – you’re used to it, and it’s comfortable.

“So, for me, trying new trends, something totally different from what I have ever  worn – I am totally all over it,” she adds.

This is Caroline’s third year with Littlewoods and, according to the Irish beauty, she still enjoys it.

“I am delighted to be part of it; it is fantastic to see it go from strength to strength. Littlewoods Ireland is doing really well and growing; it’s fantastic.”

What makes it a success for her, she says, is that the price point for the quality of clothing compared to a lot of high street stores is “very competitive”.

“There are places you can go to pull an outfit together for a really good bargain price, but it might fall apart, but with Littlewoods Ireland the quality is much higher, so you are getting the value, and value for money, so I think that is part of the success.

“Also, there are a lot of fashion-forward pieces that are also wearable, so they are straddling that as well.

“It annoys me when collections come out and they are super fashionable, but you can’t pull it off – that is frustrating to me, and there is only a certain person who can pull off those things, and they are not our customer who is doing a school run in the morning – you have to be practical.

“I like the fact that we have really fashion-forward collections but you can actually wear them,” she says.

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