Bid for local pool gets a ‘brilliant response’

by Gazette Reporter

A number of local residents in Donabate have come together in recent weeks in order to campaign for a much-needed swimming pool in the town.
Local area representative Clara La Combre (FF) joined forces with determined mums Anna Kiernan and Alison Herlihy in order to establish a swimming pool committee recently.
The group held their first project meeting last week and aim to collect a total of 1,500 signatures over the coming weeks in order to put together a petition to assist in the campaign for a swimming pool for the area.
According to Clara, the project is primarily aiming at determining the level of interest among the local community.
“There was no place for anybody to bring their kids swimming here in Donabate, and we decided to get the ball rolling.
“We wanted to find out if people in the area wanted a pool, and to gauge the reaction of the locals,” she told The Gazette.
“The plan is to get 1,500 signatures, as well as a meeting with the council. In the meantime, we’re splitting up the tasks between ourselves in order to research cost-effective pools.”
The campaign was originally launched online, in order for the swimming pool committee to “test the waters”.
“We have over 400 signatures online already and we only launched [the campaign] in April. We had a volunteer meeting last week and we got about eight people to volunteer to call door-to-door in every estate. It’s our first step,” Clara continued.
Clara says the committee is already receiving a “brilliant response”, with neighbouring communities from Lusk and Rush getting involved.
“We know it could be a five- or 10-year struggle. Sometimes you get in, and you’re asking at the right time, other times it’s a hard slog, but it’s worth a shot.”
At a recent area committee meeting, Fingal County Council said that funding formerly provided by central government under the local authority swimming pool programme is no longer available.
In light of this, and the costs associated with the construction of, and the ongoing running and maintenance of, swimming pools, the council said it would not be in a position to offer any financial assistance to any proposal for a pool in Donabate.
However, the council stated that if the committee wished to submit details of the campaign, they would be examined to see if there was anything by way of advice that could be offered.

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