Beat the deadline for self-assessed return

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ALL Irish taxpayers who fall into the self-assessed tax-return category are obliged to file a tax return before the October 31 deadline.
It may seem like there is plenty of time but global tax specialists are encouraging taxpayers to file now to avoid a last minute panic next month.
Many people may not realise they are obliged to file a tax return and think it is only self-employed people or contractors who need to do this.
However, those in receipt of any additional income, including rental or investment income, are also obliged to report this to the Revenue Commissioners in the form of a self-assessed tax return.
Colm Murray, the Irish marketing manager with, explained: “The deadline is in October but you can file your tax return any time.
“We encourage people to start thinking about their tax returns now.
“Sometimes the preparation of a tax return can be a bit more complicated than people think so it’s worth getting it organised in good time.
“We have a team of tax specialists who can put together your tax return and make sure your tax liability is minimised.”
The Irish tax return service offers a tax-filing service to people who may want help with their tax situation but are not in a position to pay an accountant.
Murray continued: “A lot of traditional accountancy firms charge by the clock.
“If you’re running your own business and perhaps are a one-person operation, the last thing you want is to be shelling out big money to an accountant.
“We have a flat fee structure and will give a free quote at the outset so you know exactly what you’re paying.”
To reward early bird customers, is offering a 10% discount on their tax return filing service for people who get their returns in before the end of September.
To get a no-obligation quote, call 056 779 7345 or visit for more details.

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