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THERE was a time when families were just happy to get loads of space in a safe car – not any more.

Car manufacturers are crawling over each other for as big a piece of the family car market as they can capture, and one of the leaders of the pack is Ford.

The main attraction with their B-Max range is the unbelievable access to acres of interior room.

Measuring just over 4m long and barely 1.6m high, this is not what you would call a big car, but that’s what makes it so attractive.

By making the ample interior space so incredibly versatile through an innovative door configuration, Ford have produced a car that punches well above its weight.

You get the feeling you’re driving a far more substantial car than you’re sitting in, but it is more than happy being powered by some exceptionally thrifty engines, including the 1.5-litre TDCI motor, and incredible 1-litre ecoboost petrol version.

I drove both versions in recent weeks, and was seriously impressed with both.

The ecoboost engine packs far more punch than any 1-litre petrol engine has any business packing, and compares favourably to the diesel in terms of fuel consumption.

The diesel is rated at about 4.8 L/100km, while the ecoboost version comes in at a respectable 6.6 L/100km – on top of that, there was only about €500 in the difference between the two versions I drove.

The B-MAX comes with a maximum 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating; the B-MAX’s Ford Easy Access Door System provides unobstructed entry and exit with hinged front doors and sliding rear doors integrating the central body pillars.

When both front and rear doors are open, there is outstanding access to the interior, with a huge, clear aperture more than 1.5m wide.

The new B-MAX is also the first European Ford to offer the company’s acclaimed SYNC system.

SYNC is an advanced voice control, device integration and connectivity interface.

It enables users to connect mobile phones and music players by Bluetooth or USB, make hands-free telephone calls, and control music and other functions using voice commands.

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