Planning permission for a new state-of-the-art equestrian facility to be built in Ballyowen Park has been granted

the council has granted planning permission for a new state-of-the-art equestrian facility to be built in Ballyowen Park off the Fonthill Road.
This new development comes as welcome news to the Clondalkin Equine Club and local horse owners who have no suitable land to look after their horses.
The 1.32 hectares, currently under the ownership of the council, will consist of 20 equine stalls, ancillary facilities, an exercise paddock and a car park.
The planned building will be one storey with rendered masonry walls, modelled on an American barn type equine development, which is intended to minimise impact on the area. The site will not be overlooked by existing homes nor will it be accessed through an existing residential estate.
The project will be funded by the council and the Department of Agriculture and expected to be developed in summer 2016.
Cllr Gino Kenny (PBP), who has worked closely with the equine club over the past three years, said: “This is a momentous day for the Clondalkin Equine Club and the wider community.
“The passing of the Part 8 now gives the local authority permission to build a state-of-the-art equine facility at the location.
“There has always been a long tradition of horse ownership in Clondalkin particularity in North and South West Clondalkin. This facility will give young and old a place that’s affordable and accessible in the locality.
“It will also promote good animal welfare practice and equine education. Hopefully this project will be a blueprint for other social projects around the country to replicate. After a massive amount of work done by the Clondalkin Equine Club, Clondalkin will finally have an equine facility to be very proud of.”
The facility is expected to significantly reduce the number of horses euthanised each year in Dublin Mid-West. In 2014, the council revealed that out of the 469 horses seized in 2014, 422 were put down. Of the 47 horses saved, 22 were reclaimed and 12 animals were rehomed.
Cllr Eoin O Broin (SF) has also welcomed this recent development.
He said: “I warmly welcome the decision of the council to pass the planning permission for the 20-stall Clondalkin equine club in Ballyowen Park. This facility will be a huge resource to the horse owning community in Clondalkin and indeed the community as a whole.
“I want to pay tribute to the members of the Clondalkin Equine Club who have spent several years lobbying councillors and officials in the council and Department of Agriculture on this project. Their hard work and determination have been rewarded this week.
“I also want to pay tribute to Cllr Gino Kenny who has championed this project and who built a strong cross party support base for the project.
“There is a proud tradition of horse ownership in Clondalkin with the vast majority of owners properly maintaining their animals.
“However there have also been too many unfortunate incidents of maltreatment of horses.”