Just the right amount of colourful make-up is a must to beat back the Winter gloom

I tend to wear “more of a face” come autumn/winter. Summer sun-kissed skin looks great with just a slick of mascara and a touch of lippy, but come winter, pale face/blotchy skin is not a great look, so layering it on thick, or thicker, tends to be my mantra in November and December.
This leads us in to Christmas and “party face”, when a dramatic eye or a redder-than-red lip is what’s required.
So, when it comes to wearing make-up in winter, the rule of thumb is: go slightly heavier. However, whatever you do, avoid drag queen territory.
Remember that scene in Friends when Ross applies Rachel’s make-up, and when she finally looks in the mirror she says: “I’ll just sit next to the transvestite in purchasing”?
That’s what not to do!
It’s okay to go for a smoky eye or a dramatic lip, but never the two combined.


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