Artist who’s cautious about excess

by Gazette Reporter

HIGHLY successful singer-songwriter and Olivier Award winning actress Barbara Dickson is currently touring Ireland, having performed in various venues throughout the Republic, including Dun Laoghaire, she is now making her way up North, before returning to her native Scotland.
The Gazette recently caught up with Dickson, and found out what constitutes an average day in her life both on and off the road.
She said life on the road has changed considerably since she first came on the scene in the 1970s and a day in her life on tour is far more structured these days than it was then.
“It has evolved over many, many years of touring. My first headline tour was in 1977, that’s a long time ago so since then I’ve evolved all sorts of things that I do. I get up at 8am, I go and have breakfast, a reasonably good breakfast and then I travel on to the next place that I’m going to. Whether it takes an hour or three-and-a-half – four hours I always leave after breakfast,” she said.
Once she reaches her next destination she would have a sandwich and go to sleep for an hour if possible. This is followed by as much quiet time as possible in the afternoon.
After the afternoon recharge she goes to the pre-show sound check.
This is followed by a meal, at which point she returns to prepare for the show.
“I go back to the theatre and I get made up and get ready, then I go on-stage.
“I always stay in the place that I have played, so after the show I go back to the hotel, and wake up to start again at 8am the next morning,” she said.
This current schedule is in marked contrast to the way things were done earlier in her career as she explains: “I used to stay up later with the band, there would be a degree of partying after each show, but we didn’t play for as many dates.
“We maybe did eight to 10 dates whereas now I do five weeks of touring.
“So you could just about get away [by the skin of your teeth], with staying up late [and partying,” she said.
However, she has always been cautious when it comes to excess as she relies on her voice, and too much partying could harm her voice.
She has always been careful of this as she does not want to disappoint her fans.
Having played The Venue Theatre, Ratoath on November 13, her next show is Ilfracombe folk festival on November 21.
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