Apple ring in phone changes

by Shane Dillon

ANOTHER week, and another redesigned iPhone to get to grips with – at least, that’s how it feels with each new iteration of the popular phone.

Correction – two new iterations, as Apple have just rolled out the

iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S.

While consumers have become used to Apple announcing updated products every year or so, the stakes have been upped dramatically in the past 18 months as arch rivals Samsung have grabbed a greater than expected share of the mobile market.

As such, analysts were keenly awaiting the next iPhone to be unveiled, with expectations all round that a cheap iPhone would emerge to target the lucrative Chinese market.

Wrong. Instead, Apple revealed two upgraded iPhone models – the 5C and the 5S, both of which boast a premium price, to boot.

Ditching the high-falutin’ tech specs, suffice it to say that both 5s boast significantly souped-up power, a boost to the camera’s pixels, longer battery life, and a number of other bells and whistles.

As for the 5C, a supertough coloured plastic casing differentiates it particularly well from the 5S, which – and of most note – has added a fingerprint sensor to access data, store passwords, and so on.

Such innovations don’t come cheap, folks – at the time of writing, the cheapest model is expected to cost at least €600 when it goes on sale in Ireland later this season …

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